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Angel May Not Cry

"God damn it, now there's no escaping this git" (image credit: Wikimedia Commons) One day, while preparing materials for a screening of the fascinating film Flight From Death: The Quest For Immortality , I noticed the film poster featuring an image of a statue like this one. The " Angel of Grief ", it is called. I had seen tomb monuments of "weeping angels" previously, as well as the more pop-famous ones from the Doctor Who TV series. In the mental context I was in at the time, though, I came to a realization that, well, this monument made no sense whatsoever. Why on earth (and in heaven) would an angel mourn the death of a mortal? One can understand that a mortal's loved ones may grieve at having to live without them. Even the ones who believe in an immortal afterlife might feel some pain at the ostensibly temporary separation. An angel, on the other hand, transcends the mortal plane. And they know it. Whether one's soul i

And So It Begins ...

Hi. Welcome to my blog, which is, for the time being, also a placeholder for my homepage that will shortly point to my new podcast and channel. My objective in initiating this enterprise is the articulation of thoughts on theism that I have accumulated over the years since my "atheist awakening". It is primarily focused on producing what many now call "counterapologetics", but I might occasionally opine on such matters as religion-state separation and strategies for movement atheism. I have been immersing myself in the world of theistic apologetics while in university, and, while I observe a positive transformation taking place in counterapologetics online, I see much more that will need to be done to counter the well-staffed, well-funded, and well-organized theistic apologetics juggernaut -- not just online, but in the real world, and especially on college campuses. I aim to take apart the theistic arguments I have documented at apologetics events over the years